Virtual Event

Live studio


Live TV production studio built at our client's head office This client asked us to create a temporary live broadcast facility, at low cost within their UK premises, with a view to running a series of week-long events with the look and feel of live television. Budget was limited, as was space.

Comworks undertook the set design, based upon existing branding to use an available space utilising a glass wall which provided an open view of a central atrium. This space was used to provide a soft seating area and a demonstration area at the opposite end. We provided a 90 inch plasma to work with live presentations and remote contributions. An adjacent area was used as a hardware lab for technical sessions and another as a production gallery.

We provided daylight balanced cold light sources, chosen for their good colorimetry and low heat output in this enclosed environment and supplemented the existing air conditioning to assist movement of air through the studio area. Six cameras were deployed on lightweight dollys, able to quickly reposition through the studio areas as required with a further wireless link to allow a PSC unit to operate within the atrium area. Remote contributions took the form of live two-way segments, led by the anchor from the soft seating area in conversation with contributors from around Europe and North America. We also provided HD file playback for pre-recorded inserts, graphic overlays and adverts.

These virtual events attracted a large audience from around the world and the format was recognised by our client as an example of global best practice within their organization.