On Demand Training Content

Training Videos


This enquiry was referred to Comworks via one of our existing European broadcast customers. The initial brief was to set up a European satellite channel to deliver training and product information contact to a audience of technical professionals based across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Based on our existing experience in broadcast TV, Comworks undertook an initial consultancy project to explore the viability of creating such a channel, and to recommend options to move the project forward.

At the conclusion of the consultancy period, our recommendation was to deliver the content as video-on-demand, allowing for the audience to access the content most relevant to them, at the time they needed it most. Comworks devised a production workflow, specified cameras, vision mixers and recording systems that could be rapidly deployed with acceptable air carriage costs, anywhere in the world. Following successful delivery of the consultancy project, our client asked Comworks to undertake production of the content as specified.

Providing multi-camera coverage of existing training events and seminars provided an highly efficient route to content creation leading to fast turnaround and high throughput of published content. This delivered significant benefits to our client in terms of their audience reach and the accessibility of the ideas and information contained in the content.

An early validation of our process was provided by a leading advertising agency, who conducted detailed audience research comparing our presentation format with the client’s previous media solution. This revealed a 95 percent preference for the solution we had created.

Through this project we created over 2000 hours of programme content in 13 languages. We filmed presentations, seminars and live events in countries across Europe and North America, working with technologists and product specialists as far east as Moscow and as far west as Seattle.