Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming

Video Streaming to Desktop tablet and mobile devices

Our Adaptive Bit Rate streaming system ensures that users get a stable video stream at the best available quality for the device they are using and the speed of their connection.

Where other systems can experience buffering problems as connection problems mean make it impossible for the user to watch the stream, Adaptive Bit Rate automatically detects the user's connection speed and their device processor load and automatically delivers the best quality stream for their device and connection combination.

If the user's connection speed changes during the stream, the system adapts to this, providing a higher or lower bit rate stream as appropriate, avoiding buffering and breaks in transmission.

All of our live streams are provided with an automatic back up stream from a separate encoder. If the main stream should lose connection, as a result of an internet outage, the system will automatically switch to the back up stream, restoring the service to the audience.

For the highest profile events, we offer additional security by using a completely separate provider to distribute the backing stream.